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The Acting Company provides its actors with an experience unlike most others available to young people. Experienced and novice young actors will find the TAC process challenging, surprising, and enriching. The method is uncommon, the bar is high, and the rewards are great. We invite you to read the following material carefully, all the way down.

The Acting Company follows an unusual but tried-and-true formula. First, students enroll. You can do that right here. Enrollees attend an audition, so the director can see just what sort of cast the show will have (everyone who enrolls gets a role). There's no need to prepare material for the audition. The director will have things prepared for you to do. Only after the cast is assembled and auditioned does the director choose the play (that's the unusual part. We know).  Whether Twelfth Night, Richard III, Henry V, or any other Shakespeare work, the material for each production is chosen after the cast is assembled, ensuring that the members of the cast are performing a piece specifically chosen and tailored to suit them.

In addition, each play is custom-cut from its original size to a length suited to young actors and their audiences. The cut is always carefully considered, with the strengths of each cast and its members fully in mind. Again, members of a TAC cast work with material that’s been specially fitted to them. It’s a personalized experience unlike any other available for the youth stage. And while it varies a bit, a full TAC production usually lasts somewhere in the neighborhood of an hour when it’s all put together. 

The plays are assembled in about two months of three-to-four-hour rehearsals that take place once per week (with a few more frequent rehearsals around showtime). Rehearsing only once per week requires uncommon dedication and focus from cast members during those rehearsals, but also makes it possible for cast members to engage in other activities during the rehearsal run.

As long as the enrollment cap hasn’t been reached, any child or youth who wishes to participate in a TAC play is welcome. While every cast member is expected to stay focused, listen to the director, memorize difficult lines, and work hard, cast members are not accepted or rejected based on natural talent or stage experience.

A TAC play—just like the best sports teams, private music lessons, or any other rigorous extra-curricular activity to which young people and their families dedicate themselves—is a premium experience in education and achievement, provided by seasoned professionals. It normally carries a fee of about $335 per production ($100/mo for three months, plus a $35 costume fee -- inexpensive for three months of instruction). Discounts are available for siblings, referrals, early enrollment, and more. For full information on fees and discounts, click here.

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