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The Acting Company brings workshops and productions to groups of all kinds, and we’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years. Let The Acting Company give your students an unforgettable experience preparing and performing a Shakespeare play in one of our mainstage productions, or try one of our week-long workshops! Call 801-709-3499, or click here for details!

  Backyard Summer Shakespeare. Could Life Possibly get any Better?

As she has been for so many years, Suzanne Christensen remains the driving force behind The Acting Company. One of the highlights of past years has been a summer play produced in her backyard, enjoyed by an audience arranged in lawn chairs and on picnic blankets. Backyard performances have sometimes even included audience members, called into service to read small parts. Produced just like any other TAC production, the backyard show makes for a series of magical summer nights. Wanna join us? send us an email, or click here. 


In addition to backyard summer Shakespeare productions, we do workshops! Below, find a description of some of our week-long workshops. These workshops last two hours a day for five straight days, and cost $100 per student. And though the offerings below have been road-tested with group after group, we can also  tailor a workshop to fit the time frame and price range your group wants to work in (a one-day stage combat workshop? Are you kidding? We're totally in!).

"The Works" workshop: Students study how the First Folio came to be, along with the stories and language of the plays. Students prepare a scene for presentation at workshop’s end.

"The World" workshop: An exciting look at the Elizabethan world and Shakespeare’s life in it, with crafts and activities. Students present a brief selection from  Shakepeare’s poetry.

"The Stage" workshop: An introduction to acting, stagecraft, props, memorization, character development, and more. Uses a story from Shakespeare as the basis for a brief production. This one can be done with anyone, but is fantastic for the tiniest actors (ages 3-5).

"Young Songwriters" workshop: Students learn about songwriting, including melody, form, lyric construction, and storytelling. The workshop features a concert of completed student works.

"Tales and Tellers" Storytelling Workshop: Students select, prepare, and perform individual and group traditional, reality, and community stories.

All Acting Company offerings require a minimum of 10 participants. All week-long workshops last 2 hours per day for five days, and carry a cost of $100 per participant. Mainstage productions last three months (typically with one three-hour rehearsal per week) and carry a cost of $100 per month per participant. For more information, call 801-709-3499, or click here.

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